asbestos removal las vegas

Asbestos Removal Las Vegas

The lesson of hiring a professional company to do our asbestos removal project has never been more obvious to us as ever before. It all started when we purchased a 40 year old home in Downtown Las Vegas. We thought that we would either fix it up and sell it to an executive as the area is full of professionals that want to be near the Clark County Courthouse and Las Vegas City Hall. We even thought about renting it out as there is a large amount of people that are wanting housing in that area.las vegas asbestos removal

Once we had closed escrow on the older property, we were ready to dive right in on doing all the updates ourselves. My husband is quite the handy man and this is going to be a great project for the two of us. Looking around, we noticed that we were dealing with siding on the exterior walls, popcorn ceiling and some crazy insulation that was hanging from the ceiling in one of the bedrooms. We had heard about asbestos and the asbestos removal process in the past but didn’t really think that it pertained to us in this property.

As we were beginning to remove some of the items that were left inside the property on one Saturday morning, our neighbor came by to say hello. She was telling us how long the home had been vacant and that she is so glad to see some activity here. She also asked us if we were going to be doing all the renovations. We told her that was our plan. She then told us about the recent renovations that she just did a year ago and how she ran into an asbestos removal issue. She recommended that we reach out to the asbestos removal team over at Las Vegas Environmental Pros. Her comments about the company and the entire asbestos removal process was a bit overwhelming and really made us re-think doing this without having someone check the property.asbestos removal las vegas

Moving forward, we reached out to the professional asbestos removal team and they came right over to test for asbestos. We had to wait about a week for the results but it was well worth the wait. The property tested positive for asbestos just about everywhere. The friendly staff wrote us up a free estimate for the asbestos removal and was even nice enough to send a copy to our home insurance company. Everything was in place and the asbestos removal job was scheduled to start in three days.

After all that was scheduled, we decided to go down to the Downtown Container Park and grab some dinner at Oak & Ivy. We really couldn’t believe what we were about to encounter and we were a bit anxious about starting the asbestos removal project. We had no idea what we were about to see. The morning the asbestos removal crews arrived, they began to basically place the older home underneath a huge tent so that none of the deadly substance would be released into the environment.

What an ordeal and one that I’m so thankful to our neighbor warning us about asbestos and the health issues that we could run into if we didn’t call the professionals. The asbestos removal project took almost three weeks and is now completed. Now it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work on all of the renovations. The good thing is that through the asbestos removal process, a lot of the stuff we were going to remove was done for us. They did a fantastic job and was on time and on budget. Now it’s time to start picking out paint and flooring for the new look.

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