Pressure Washer Las Vegas

I’m so excited to say that I think we’re finally over winter. Now it’s time to get the professionals over and let them clean up all of my patios and pavers with their great pressure washer equipment. It’s truly amazing what Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros can pull off with their state of the art equipment they have. Actually, the owner was telling me all about the pressure washer and how it is the best machine on all of the west coast of the United States. I couldn’t believe all of the intricate elements that go into the pressure washer process and what capabilities that it has.pressure washer las vegas

I stood by and watched while Tramain, the owner of the company, was washing off my pavers out by the pool in my backyard. I really couldn’t believe my own eyes and I was almost embarrassed to see just how dirty those pavers got over the winter here in dusty Las Vegas. I mean I realize that we live in the Mojave Desert and there is plenty of dust flying around but not this much. Once he used his special eco friendly cleaning solution and the pressure washer on the pavers it was like a ray of sunlight was just shining on to them. It’s almost as if he painted them, even though I know he didn’t do that. The difference really is exceptional and I know for sure that I will be using this pressure washer service again.

When he went out front to our driveway I was quite skeptical that he could remove the tire markings and the oil that leaked out of my husbands ’71 Karmann Ghia. las vegas pressure washer He did do some prepping on the severe areas and then took that pressure washer and put it to work. It did take a bit longer than the backyard pavers but the end result was spectacular. I could really see a difference in the curb appeal of our home and thought to myself that this would most likely add value to our home if we were going to ever sell it.

Tramain could see that we were really pleased and brought yet another cleaning option to our attention. He said that he could easily turn down the psi on the machine and make it so it was what is called a soft wash. las vegas pressure washerHe could literally wash down all of our roof, the gutters and the stucco on the side of the house and it would make it look as if we had a new paint job. My husband and I took a closer look at the sides of the house and we spotted the tiny webs that these crazy spiders make on stucco. Tramain even showed us an example with and we couldn’t believe our eyes. It took about 10 seconds for us to say yes and he quickly got started. Needless to say, the home looks as if it had a brand new paint job and a new roof put on it. We were totally blown away as to what the pressure washer could do in a very short time to enhance just about every area of our home. We highly recommend this for anyone that wants to spruce up their home and get great use out of your dollars spent.

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