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Denver Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Burger Restaurants in Denver, Colorado

Denver CO RestaurantThe Cherry Cricket is located in the heard of Denver, Colorado in the Cherry Creek district. They have been slinging hamburgers since 1945 and little has changed for them even though the neighborhood grew up around them.

In 1960, Bernard Duffy, owned Cherry Cricket and decided to add his namesake, Duffy’s, to the iconic sign outside. Cherry Cricket became known as the black sheep of bars because it really was a little rough around the edges.

Sadly, on Thanksgiving eve in 2016 the bar caught on fire. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but the water and smoke damage forced the restaurant to close down. The business owners were so committed to the iconic restaurant that they fixed it up and reopened months later.

Fortunately, they had already set in motion a second Cherry Cricket location. This location was off Blake Street across from Coors Field. The new location boasts a one thousand five-hundred-gallon saltwater fish tank, table games, lounge seating as well as televisions in the bar. The five seating areas can hold up to three hundred patrons.

Their fans are fierce about Cherry Cricket. They have over twenty-four hundred reviews online with a strong four plus star rating.

5280 Burger Bar, located in the Denver Pavilion, is the vision of two guys who had a love of burgers. Their focus was to create hand-crafted burgers and home make ice creams that are churned daily in their creamery that people would come back for time and time again. They offer daily made toppings and sauces for their hamburgers that are made from scratch.Denver Colorado Restaurant Media

Co-Owner, Don Redlinger, has over fifteen years of development and property management of high end resort properties. Named the National Association of Custom Homebuilders Builder of the Year in 2010, he brings a lot of talent to the team

The second half of the team is Clay McPhail. He is a former operator and owner of a large restaurant group and brings over thirty years of experience to the partnership.

Together they have created the wildly popular 5280 Burger Bar that also has a food truck for catering to private events. The hamburgers have left an impression in Wichita and they garner over nine hundred positive posts and a four-point-four-star rating on the web.

Denver Colorado Restaurant BrassBrass Tacks Dine Bar is located in a building that was built in Denver in 1864. The original building was destroyed in a fire in 1863 as all of the structures in that area were built with wood. Prior to the fire, 1526 Blake Street was a booming area and was considered a center of commerce.

After the fire, the city of Denver put in an ordinance called the “Brick Ordinance” which stated any new construction had to be of brick or stone. When the building was built the area was surrounded with houses of ill-repute, gambling rooms and saloons.

After the great flood of 1864, the building was given a makeover and raised above street level. This gave the building a hidden basement vault that was accessible only through a trap door. They built tunnels in 1890’s for delivery of coal but they quickly became passages to brothels and very handy during Prohibition in the 1920’s. To this day you can tour the catacombs under Denver.

Brass Tacks Dine Bar say they have a ghost who haunts their restaurant. She is called the “brown ghost” or “the lady in red” as they believe she was once a saloon girl from the 1860’s. It is said when the Vault is very quiet you can hear her walking in her high heels across the old wooden saloon floors.

Not sure why they have only nineteen reviews on the internet. Perhaps patrons are too mesmerized by the history of the building and the possibility of seeing a ghost they actually put their cell phones down and enjoy an evening of good food and good friends.

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