Arlington Texas Six Flags

Six Flags Arlington, TX

The next time you visit Fort Worth, Texas, our friends highly recommend you visit Six Flags in Arlington, Texas.

For those of you who love roller coasters, the El Diablo is considered the fourteenth unique one at Six Flags.  This ride accommodates thirty-two people and is full of loops and you can fly upside down.  The tallest part of the ride is one hundred feet in the air where you experience hang time.

They have twenty thrill rides which include Batman The Ride and Catwoman Whip.  For those like something a little mellower you can go on the Family Rides like the Chaparral Antique Cars or the Cloud Bouncer where you whirl through the sky on a hot air balloon.

The kid rids are great for families with young children.  Bugs Bunny Boomtown has tons of features to entertain kids.  Be prepared to get wet with the wacky Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters.  Looney Tunes Adventure Camp has the kids climbing and sliding all over the place.

When you want a break, you can go to the Live and Local where some of area’s best bands perform.  If you like Karaoke, visit the Six Flags Karaoke.  For those who love singing and dancing, Miss Ruby’s Wild West Cabaret is a must see.

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