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Review of 3 Pizza Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles CA Restaurant PizzaThere is a movie called Eat Pray Love that came out in 2010 that was filmed in Italy.  It is a romantic drama that is based on Elizabeth Gilberts memoir.  One of the iconic places that was in the movie was a pizzeria called L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

Michele Rubini, the Head Pizzaiolo, brought the first L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in the United State to Los Angeles. California in 2019.  Michele was trained in making the traditional Neapolitan pizza in Naples.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is located in the ever-busy Hollywood area.  Michele is committed to importing the special ingredients from Italy to make the two classic pizzas, Margherita and Marinara.

It is pretty impressive she has only been open about a year and already has over four hundred positive reviews on the internet.  The star rating is a strong four-point-six.  Combining the modern Californian décor with classic Italian sets this place apart from most restaurants.

Village Pizza is more of a story than a restaurant.  Owner, Steve, moved to the San Francisco from Brooklyn back in 1979.  One of the things Steve immediately began to miss was the amazing pizza he would get in Brooklyn and Queens.Los Angeles California Restaurant

This caused Steve to begin a hunt for better pizza, so he widened his search and found Village Pizza.  Their pizza was similar to the ones he got in Brooklyn and Queens with a California twist.  Fifteen years later, Steve decided to make a change in his life and purchased a Village Pizza.

In 1997, Steve and his family visited Southern California and fell in love with the area of Hancock Park.  They opened a Village on Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles, California then a second one on Yucca Street in Hollywood.

The popularity of Village Pizza cannot be denied when there are over four hundred reviews on the world wide web with a four-point-four-star rating.  They don’t just do pizza that also offer freshly made meatballs, Italian and balsamic dressings, sausage and marinara sauce.

Los Angeles CA Restaurant PhotoKoreatown Pizza Company is the venture that two friends with completely different back grounds put together after they first met in 2017.  Henry was born and raised in Korea and moved to the United States about ten years ago.  He and his brother explored Koreatown which seemed different but familiar.  Henry took a job as a server and quickly moved up to general manager.

Johnny was raised in Boise, Idaho where there were few Korean Americans.  Aside from shopping on the weekends at Albertsons to pick up items for his lunch at school, he loved eating at restaurant chains.  He dreamed someday he would open a place of his own he just did not know what type of food he would serve.

After Johnny and Henry met, the idea of opening Koreatown Pizza Company began to become a reality.  They were not sure how Koreatown would take to their pizzas but have had great success.

Their classic pizza style has paid off.  The have over three hundred evaluations online giving them over a four-star rating.