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Three Great Seafood Restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth TX Restaurant PhotoJ&J Oyster Bar is located in the Arlington Heights area of Fort Worth, Texas. Owners, Jim and Cathy Schusler, opened their doors in the early 1970’s in Fort Worth’s Cultural District. They had a very small building that was erected with aluminum that was a surplus from an old bomber plant.

J&J Oyster Bar quickly grew in popularity where on any given day there would be a long line of patrons waiting for their turn to eat freshly shucked oysters. Their menu included hush puppies, seafood dishes and gumbo.

They relocated the restaurant after twenty-five years in their original location. It is only a few blocks away, but the renovated Oyster Bar was needed because of their growth. They have a four-point-three-star rating with four hundred and fifty-one reviews online.

Located in the far Northwest area of Fort Worth, Texas is Boo Rays of New Orleans. Proprietors, Richard Sloan and Scott Marks, opened the restaurant in 2004. Scott, who grew up in New Orleans, has a long history in the restaurant business and dreamed of bringing true Cajun food to the area.Fort Worth TX Restaurant Seafood

Richard left Alabama with his family at a young age to live in Texas. In 1974, he opened a drywall business before opening his first restaurant in the mid 1990’s. Richard met Scott one weekend when camping out and he got his belly filled with Scott’s Cajun cooking. He had been looking for a partner to create a fun restaurant and he knew Scott would be the perfect partner for Boo Rays of New Orleans.

Neither man has looked back as their success has been noteworthy. Scott and Richard take on the day to day chores of the restaurant alongside their wives. Their success has earned them over seventeen hundred positive evaluations on the world wide web with a strong four- and one-half-star rating.

Fort Worth TX RestaurantFlying Fish has two locations in Arkansas, one in Tennessee and nine in Texas including the one in Fort Worth, Texas. They got their inspiration from dozens of fish places in East Texas. They wanted to create a casual dining format where a family can relax and enjoy a nice meal without going broke.

The variety of food they serve at Flying Fish is sure to please even the pickiest pallet. They feature crawfish when in season as well as fresh oysters and shrimp and catfish. They are also known for their hamburgers, fresh salads and chicken tenders.

They have a couple of funny things they do to get the customers to participate. Anybody can bring in a picture of themselves and a fish they caught then boast about how big the fish is even if it was not. They also have wall dedicated to Billy Bass and any customer who brings one in to hang on the wall gets a free basket of fresh catfish. They will also have a plaque engraved with the name of the donator hung on the wall next to the fish.

Goofy things like this make people want to come back time and again. They have over eighteen hundred positive posts on the internet giving them a four-point-four-star rating.